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Red and Solomon Enter Kaiju Combat!

You may have heard of this upcoming game, Kaiju Combat;

It’s an ambitious and quite awesome looking game project. There was a vote recently for original monsters to be included into the game, and Red happened to make it in! Thanks to all who voted for him!


Due to a fortiuitous change in sponsorship slots, Solomon is also getting in!

So if you like games and Godzilla (which seems likely since you’re looking at this blog) check it out!

June 24,2013 edit;

Solomon’s collaboration revealed!

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  1. Alther Primus says:

    Excellent news! I’m honestly glad to hear it. However, may I also request concept art of Acacius? (I’m thinking about spriting him a a couple of different styles to see what would work out for a MUGENized version of a few of your monsters)


  2. Wojti2000 says:

    I used Stage Npcs and Replacements sprites.


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